Businesses Of The Future

Business is a rapidly changing market that experiences breakthroughs and growth every day. This unstable environment allows up-and-coming entrepreneurs to thrive, while leaving the ones who refuse to change in the dust. This article will give you a brief glimpse into certain sectors that look promising for the future. If you’re in the prospective phase of your business development, these are some of the markets in which you need to keep your eye on!

Software Security

With the ever growing rate of technology we need businesses that cater to the protection of our devices. Sources are now reporting that critical aspects of your automobile can be hacked and tampered with even as you’re driving. Systems like tire pressure, engine diagnostics, and even your braking system rely on computer software to operate correctly.

Clean and Renewable Energy

Renewable and clean energy businesses seem like a no-brainer in the eyes of the general public. However, funding for such businesses have fallen to the wayside with the staggering amount of money spent on foreign oil. New statistics are now showing that Americans are spending upwards of $200,000 per minute on oil based products.

However, financial giants like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates are investing their wealth into renewable energy companies that have promising missions and global reach. Gates, for example, invested a sum of $35 million dollars into Aquion Energy in order to expand the energy storage and production services. This boost will ensure that the company has a promising future in providing solutions to the global energy crisis.

3D Printing

The industry of 3D printing looks to be one of the most promising sectors within the business realm. The way that 3D printing works is by providing a means to bring 3 dimensional products to life in a short period of time. In laymen’s terms, this means you can create a model of a product you wish to own (knife, baseball, gun, etc.) and the printer will construct a perfect replica of that item.

This leads to a new revolutionary way of expansion in terms of the manufacturing process. The future for 3D printing may expand to the creation of items such as organs, cells, and vital medical creations that could save lives. Today 3D models are used to study brain function, which may eventually lead to a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. If you’re a budding entrepreneur, the sector of 3D printing may hold a future for you.

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